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MBSC Alumni Bank Account: 12 3042 0272614 04

First General Meeting:  1st December 2016

MBSC Alumni background

With the “new” clubhouse at Murrays Bay we now have a facility that can offer more than we were previously able to. Completing the new clubhouse took a long time (+7 years) so some of the original individual “drivers” behind it found their kids had moved on by the time it was completed, but they didn’t really want to leave ….

And on seeing the new clubhouse “arise”, a number of people formerly associated with the club made contact, keen to see what MBSC now “had”. So it seemed natural to form an “Old boys (and Girls of course)” Alumni to accommodate all those with a positive interest in MBSC and its sailors.

To get the ball rolling back in 2016 a small group of greying members each paid $500 for a lifetime membership.

 In 2017 we announced that all MBSC Life Members were entitled to gratis lifetime membership of the Alumni. 

We have 65 members as of August 2022.

Who is eligible to join the Alumni?

If you are a past club member (or current adult member) or simply someone who wishes to positively contribute to MBSC you are very welcome to join.

Yes we encourage a financial contribution $100 pp, (100% of which goes to the Club) but as much as anything we’d welcome your interest and support.

What does the MBSC Alumni’s do?

  • Provide MBSC with an additional source of assistance and expertise for regatta’s (and other events) from time to time.
  • Raise funds for special projects that fall outside “normal” MBSC operations.
  • Put on events from time to time ranging from Friday bar nights to dinners and speaker events through the year.

Past events have included:

  • The Dad’s (men will do everything) dinner.
  • We won ! Bermuda, special guest members of ETNZ & some silverware
  • We won again ! Auckland, special guest members of ETNZ
  • Ray Davies & Dean Barker dinner plus launch of Richard Brown’s updated book on the history of MBSC
  • In 2022, SailGP Warkworth facility visit & tour

Alumni activities and events are advised via email to members, plus notification on the MBSC web site.

Commodores Lounge

The Alumni oversee the hireage of the Commodores lounge. 

The lounge was part of the plan for the new clubhouse from the outset. The objective was to create a facility that as well as supporting Club events could also be used to raise $’s and provide the local community with an asset they could make use of from time to time.

Whilst supporting the Club’s sailing activity is always #1 and takes priority the lounge is a brilliant (and unique) location for events during many weekdays for things such as business meetings.

We are currently dusting of plans that Covid delayed to update the furniture and possibly add a kitchen facility to warm/chill preprepared food.

Cognisant of our neighbour’s privacy, specific limitations per the terms of our consent and the fact MBSC is a junior sailor focussed club, evening events are very much an exception. Parties like 21st etc are not permitted.

That said should you have an interest in hiring the facility please refer to the details on the MBSC web site, all applications are subject to review. All funds generated go to MBSC.

Who oversees the Alumni and who do I contact?

We have a self-selected steering committee. If you’d like to join us, you are very welcome. Contact in the first instance via the email address provided above.

Your one-time Alumni memberships fee should be paid to.

MBSC acct 12 3042 0272614 04, noting you name and “Alumni” in the reference field.

(The bank account and all Alumni $’s are managed by the MBSC treasurer and included in the clubs annual accounts).

What link is there with MBSC?

The Alumni is separate to MBSC and responsible for its own decision making though its objectives are solely to support MBSC.

An Alumni member (appointed annually) holds a position on MBSC General committee to ensure there is a close linkage between the two organisations.

So don’t hold back, join the MBSC Alumni !