How do the club marquees raised?



The Club’s harmonious relationship with its neighbours requires a certain amount of co-operation and consideration on our part.  Please observe these few rules:

  • Don’t park cars in the spaces marked as reserved for patrons of the restaurant and the shops.  Offenders have been, and will be, towed away.
  • Don’t  leave cars parked on the beach access road, turning loop and ramp for any longer than is absolutely necessary to unload or load boats and gear.  Please keep entrances to grassed area clear at all times.
  • Keep all boats and trailers to the north of the boat ramp on the beach. Do not leave the tractor on the beach.
  • Don’t park cars on the grass verge outside 507, 509  Beach Road (next to Club), or obstruct their access to their entrances.
  • Please remember that other people have a right to use the beach too and try to minimise our occupancy by keeping trailers etc all together.  



  • After launching please return your trailer to the area immediately north of the ramp.
  • Please stack the trailers neatly in this area.
  • Park support boat (RIB) trailers in a small area to the north of this area.   (South of the creek)
  • Do not leave the Tractor on the beach after launching – return it to the club compound.
  • The duty yard and beach officers should check these guidelines are being followed.