Upcoming courses

VHF Radio15/04/215pmCam Dunn$0Click here
Have a go day (In Youth classes) For Starling/Rangi/Feva sailors looking to transition16/05/213 hoursOur Youth Class Sailors$0Just turn up
Gear sell/SwapClosing dayall dayJust turn up!
Safety Boat CourseTBC2 hoursCam Dunn and Kim Admore$0TBC
Minor Boat Repair WorkshopTBC3 hoursTBC$20TBC
Crewing Work ShopTBCall dayTBC$20TBC
Splicing WorkshopTBC3 hoursTBCTBCTBC
Tractor TBC1 hoursTBC$20TBC
First AidClosing day2 HoursJane Scott and Sarah Redpath$0TBC