Tuesday 2nd November


Here is the briefing video from Coach Suzo! Watch before you arrive so you know what to do :)!

3.30pm-4pm – Meet at the club

4.30pm approx 1st group launching – Meet with your coach on the beach for a hello before launching – make sure you have watched the briefing video before arriving at the club.

Please take note of your group number and check the club whiteboard for launching area when arrive.
Group 1 will rig on the path.
Groups 2, 3 & 4 will rig on the grass in allocated area.
Please keep you and your boat socially distanced from the sailor next to you.
When you are advised for your group, please go to beach for launching.
It is very important that you leave the beach with your specified group as this is to keep numbers within the covid regulations – please check the groups below, these can change session to session to sail with different people etc, so please check.

** Please note: It is a southerly wind direction tonight so it is likely to be cold on the water so make sure you have enough sailing clothes on. **

TUESDAY’s groups

Group 1Coach Brayden – Jess, Sofia T, Taran, Ben. Finloe

Group 2 – Coach Suzo – Tristan, Tehya, Gretel, Luca, Tom

Group 3Coach Liv – Sienna , Ernie, Alfie, Jamie, Noah E

Group 4 Coach Naiomi – Clara, Sofia A, Willow, Noah A, Justin, Maique

Please adhere to all covid guidelines below. Especially please keep at least 2m distance, try and keep people in the bunker at one time to a minimum, wait until people come out before going in, wear masks and keep to your group. Also wear your yellow bib if you already have one.

**As the kids are now learning how to race, if they could please come with a sailing starting watch to help them with their starts.**

COVID Guidelines:

Please note:

  • All briefings will be done virtually prior to arriving at the club
  • Debriefing will be done either virtually or via an email from the coaches
  • Arrive at the Club ready to sail – no changing facilities are available unfortunately
  • Sign in using the Covid tracing app upon arrival
  • Masks are compulsory at all times while ashore (they can be removed for sailors and coaches when they launch)
  • One family per boat only. Please ensure you can get your boat out of storage and back away after sailing (while staying within your own family bubble)
  • Assess the rigging area and find a spot well away from other sailors when rigging (there will be pretty much no hands-on coach support – you’ll need to be able to rig yourself)
  • Launching boats is also only to be done within your family bubble. And after the coach/s are on the water
  • There will be no more than 10 people per sailing group (i.e. 9 sailors + coach)
  • When sailors return to shore, it’s important to reverse this process. Family retrieval, washdown and stacking – masks on for everyone when ashore
  • There can be no debrief unfortunately. Please head home as soon as your boat is away and get changed at home
  • Keep 2m separation from others outside your bubble at all times. Please no gathering. This is especially important for our teens who won’t have seen each other for quite some time
  • Parents – if you don’t need to wait around. Preference is that you leave and return to retrieve your sailor at the required time. I’ll stay in touch via our Green Group chat on TeamApp to let you know when to be back (please make sure you’ve got the app and have joined MBSC and added the fleet)
  • Because we share the beach with the public. It’s also important that we’re mindful of keeping our distance and demonstrating that we’re being respectful of the rules
  • Finally, if there is a safety incident, all the above goes out the window! We will be all hands to the pump to ensure the safety of any individual.

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