We have notified our residents and informed them of the regatta. Please, when you park in the surrounding streets, respect all the normal rules. DO NOT park on or too close to corners. DO NOT intrude on driveways.

Please also DO NOT park on both sides of Bournemouth Road between numbers 19 and 25. This is a very narrow part of the road and if you park on both sides, traffic cannot get through.

There is limited parking available:

  • Immediately opposite the club in the carpark on the other side of Beach Road. Please do not park in the restaurant and shop carparks. They are marked, and infringers will be towed
  • Outram Hall, immediately to the north of the Murrays Bay creek. Outram Hall may be used from Friday afternoon onwards.
  • Mairangi Bay along the beach front, Montrose Terrace, which is a short walk on the coastal pipeline to Murrays Bay. See photos below. The Mairangi Bay reserve will be locked overnight.

** Please note the Auckland Council may be carrying out roadworks on Beach Road over the weekend, so please look out for any signage and be aware of potential parking enforcements that may be in place.**

Be efficient when you drop off your boat

Please do not linger when dropping your boat or sailors outside the club. Please offload your boat and gear promptly and move your car away for parking. Do not park on the MBSC access road or footpath at any time.

Do not leave your road trailers at the club

If anyone is proposing to leave road trailers at the club for the weekend – please don’t. Rigging space will be at a premium. Please move the trailer to your accommodation, or to the Mairangi Bay parking spot.