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Junior Member (18 yrs & under)$550.00
Additional Junior members from same family$330.00
Senior Member (19 yrs & over)$275.00
Junior Member ½ Season (Term 1 only)$320.00
Special/NZL Sailing Team MemberInvite only 
Terms and conditions apply – please click here to view.


Optimist Coaching Fee (Full season Blue / Green / Open)$320
Optimist Coaching Fee (1/2 season Blue / Green / Open)  $160
Feva (Additional class)$270
Feva (Only Class)$110
P Class Coaching Fee (1/2 season)    $160
Starling Development Coaching Fee (Full season)$320
Senior Members Coaching Fee (full season) $320
Additional coaching class fee (full season)$320

MBSC membership terms & conditions

Click here to view MBSC membership terms & conditions

What does the Junior Membership include

A Junior Membership includes one coached session per week in the summer season (term 4 & term 1)

What does the coaching fee include/not include

The coaching fee outlined above does not include any regatta coaching fees. The Optimist Coaching fee above covers one additional coached session per week in the summer season.

If you have finished a Learn to Sail course and you are now joining our Optimist Blue Fleet?

You will need a Junior Membership. If you are joining Blue Fleet in term 1 you only need a half season membership. 

Optimist fleets have two coaching sessions a week and therefore pay a coaching fee. The coaching fee is $320 for a full season or $160 for a half season (one school term). The coaching fee is in addition to your membership. The Membership fee and Coaching fee will be automatically invoiced as a half or full season rate depending on the time of year you sign up. 

If you have more than one child sailing in your family?

Each additional junior member from the same family costs $330. We will automatically apply this discount to your invoice.

If you don’t sail and Optimist but have been charged a coaching fee – check reasons why below
  • If you are a senior member and sail a class like a Laser that has weekly coaching sessions that you will attend you need to pay a coaching fee to cover attending these sessions as coaching is not included in a senior membership. 
  • You will also need to pay a coaching fee if you are sailing more than one class that has coaching. For example if you sail a Starling and a 420. You will be attending two coaching sessions a week so will pay a coaching fee to cover the additional session.
  • If you are participating in one of our additional coaching programmes, such as P Class or Feva a coaching fee is attached to these programmes. 
Boat storage is not included in your membership fee

You can request storage through the membership registration process and if accepted pay the additional boat storage fee.  Please click here for more information on storage options and fees.

For help with membership or enquiries please contact Heather: