The Zephyr is a classic wooden Des Townson design with beautiful lines and great handling, just like his Starling.  It is an old class but many adults are re-living their youth in these lovely boats.  Some prefer the renovation and craftsmanship aspects while others just love to race them, in a good one-design, with close competitions.

Zephyr is very forgiving.  The lightest skipper in the top ten Nationally is 68kg and the heaviest is over 100kg, however the ideal is around 78kg.

Second hand boats prevail and many 50 yr old boats are leading the fleet however new hulls (require finishing). New hulls, masts and sails have to be bought from the Class Association but foils are free to home/professional production.

MBSC initiated Weds pm Zephyr racing a number of years ago and it is still a very popular series of informal, fun, short races. 

Weds evenings is the key MBSC specific event but there are other key dates including Nort Island Champs around November and Nationals around February.

The Zephyr dinghy is an icon New Zealand yacht that has been around for nearly 50 years. The first two hundred or so were personally built by designer Des Townson.

A new mould for producing Zephyrs was constructed with builder Robert Brooke appointed to build new Zephyrs.  This is now in use producing the 500 series boats.

Stay upright, get a good start, then position your boat between the fleet and the next mark.  This is a proven winning formula!

Weight is a bit of an issue.  Some are heavy.  It is nice to have one under 60kg.  Check for laminate ‘springing’ and issues around the centre case.

New boats must be purchased from the Class Association.

MBSC is predominantly a junior club and that is great for the main mission but having one adult class is also great to get the parents and ‘retired’ hot shots out on the race course.  Come and join in the fun (and be in a position to relate to what the kids are telling you)!