Information for new Blue/Green Optimist sailors thinking about racing
OverviewMost Sunday afternoons (when there isn’t a regatta on) in the summer we run club racing. Green fleet (the next level after Blue fleet) participate in this racing. If Blue fleet sailors want to join the racing they can race with the Green Fleet. Points racing is a great way to experience racing for the first time. 
Suitable conditions for Blue Fleet sailors?To start with I would recommend only going out for racing on days that are warm, sunny and under 12 knots. On the day, ask the coach during the morning session if the conditions are suitable for Blue fleet participation in points racing. 
What do I need to do before racing?Sign on. The sheet will be up in the club rooms. Attend the briefing at 12.45pm.  
Start time?Racing will start at approximately 13.30.
How many races are there?There will be 3 races with the Green fleet races approximately 20 min long. 
What is the course?The course will be drawn up on a whiteboard and the race officer will explain it at the briefing. Green fleet normally on do 1 lap. 
Will there be a coach / on water support?There are lots of safety boats on the water. Generally we have a dedicated Green fleet safety/support boat for club racing and they will look after any Blue fleet sailors.  If Blue fleet parents want to go on the water and support the sailors racing they can take a tiller steer. They would need to support all the sailors, not just their own sailor. We like on the water support to be focused on the tail end of the fleet as a general rule.