The Tanner Cup

The Tanner Cup was first presented by Mr George Tanner, of Wellington as an Interprovincial Chamnpionship for under 16 year olds. Each Region around New Zealand is entitled to select a representitive. Until 2016 , there was just one Rep per region, but from 2017 a system was introduced whereby several sailors could be selected, the numbers based on a sliding scale dependant on the number of trial entrants.  At the National Championship event held each year, the Tanner Cup Regatta is held first, followed by the Tauranga Cup.

The Tauranga Cup

The Tauranga Cup was presented by Mrs LB Mellish in 1940.  It was for Interprovincial competition in the 7 Foot Tauranga Class (later to be come the P Class). Historically it was raced for by 1 selected skipper from each Yacht Club. In 1986 it became an open competition. 

Tanner and Tauranga Cups Regatta Results